I got a brilliant email from my friend Paul Thomas just a few days ago… he had me thinking about it today so I thought i’d pass it on to you:

From the desk of Paul Thomas.

I had an unbelievably horrible month, not too long ago.

In 30 days, here’s what the Universe brought me:

I lost my job.
I lost my house.
And I was in a car accident that almost had me die…

That was a brutal time in my life!

But it also drove me to an incredible experience…

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Now, once I decided to take control and change my life…

I went on a journey across the world.

I was hired to go to the Himalayas and study meditation with real Buddhist monks.

And while I had always been interested in meditation…

I was AMAZED at some of the things they taught me!

I did my best to boil my 8-month trip down to 3 quick bullet points – so you can start unlocking your higher consciousness today.

Let’s get started!

#1: Happiness Is Not “Real”: It Only Describes Our Relationship to Other Things.

This will come as a shock to many of you…

Especially if you know how much research I’ve done on what happiness looks like inside our brain scans.

But even though we can study happiness in the brain, it’s not really a “state” or a “feeling” in the way that we tend to think of it.

Happiness is the way you relate to events, people, and the world around you.

What does that mean?

It means you won’t have a moment in your life where you’re suddenly filled with “happiness.” It’s not something that HAPPENS to you…

It’s simply a relationship between you and something else.

It’s a CHOICE!

Now, most often, that choice is SUBCONSCIOUS.

Think about this:

Have you ever known someone who was NEVER happy?

No matter what happened to them, they just couldn’t feel any positivity.

I knew a guy like that once.

One time, he got a bonus from work for $5,000, and the first words out of his mouth were, “it should have been more.”

Some people are just never happy!

But their subconscious brains make the decision to relate to the Universe in a negative way.

Luckily, your brain isn’t stuck that way forever.

You can rewire your brain to see things positively, to embrace new opportunities, and create more abundance automatically.

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#2: You Are NOT Your Job, Title, or Bank Account: You Are an Important Human Being and Your Feelings Matter.

When I lived in the modern world and had a regular job, I was constantly defined by what I did or what I could achieve.

My boss measured my worth in dollars.

When I met someone new, the first thing they asked was always, “what do you do for a living?”

And people around me constantly judged me based on my clothes, my car, my weight, and my “status.”

But when I got to the Himalayas, I met some incredible human beings.

The monks I studied meditation with were truly caring and loving people.

And they NEVER asked me what I did for a living!

It didn’t matter to them.

Instead, they asked about me, who I was deep down, and what I was feeling every day.

Suddenly, the things that mattered most weren’t what I could do for other people, or how much money I could make. Instead, I was important because I was human.

And you matter, too.

I don’t care how much money you have or what car you drive.

I don’t care about your body or your job title.

I care about YOU.

Your emotions, thoughts, and dreams are what make you unique… and that’s what matters the most!

#3: Friendships (and Communities) Are ESSENTIAL to Living Your Best Life, No Matter Who You Are.

Meditation is a solitary exercise.

You sit there quietly, close your eyes, and focus on your own mind.

By definition, you CANNOT meditate “with other people.”

It’s 100% you.

But that doesn’t stop monks from living together in close communities.

Because even though they spend a lot of time meditating silently… they still surround themselves with friendship.

If a monk with 20 years of experience gets help from other people, you should too!

I want to personally invite you to join my community

We love meeting new people, discussing your journey, and helping each other out.

After all, we’re all in this together.

Please join me today. I really look forward to seeing you there!

– Paul Thomas, your friend and guide.


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