Not sure if you heard about this news but there was a group of four men from a jail in Mississippi who almost ‘made’ it.

Their plan?

Break out of jail…

Then rob a convenience store.

Sounds reasonable…

Until the part where they tried to break back into jail for fear of getting caught.

Now it may seem funny at first glance yet it’s dangerously familiar — like when people first make a conscious effort to gain the money, health, and power you desire.

The reality of the many moving parts…

The endless number of roads to choose from…

The risk of losing it all…

It can be pretty scary.

And instead of moving forward, they put themselves back to the same prison they were once in — after all, it’s much safer in there.

I should know…

I’ve been through the same thing.

And most of my students have gone through the same experience before finding their way out of lack, sickness, discouragement, and fear.

But ever since they found out that the physical reality itself is simply the neural manifestation of their consciousness…

That’s when things started changing for the better.

Why wouldn’t it when you realize you can simply create a reality your own?

So before you start putting yourself back into a corner…

I suggest you watch this short presentation.

Just a bit of a warning — it’s not for everyone.

What you’re about to be exposed to would shock most ordinary people.

Because it contains the truth about effortlessly having wealth, fulfilling, and purpose-rich life you’ve imagined for yourself all these years.

And the truth is never always easy to accept.

But if you think you’re ready…

Click here and immediately change your reality.

To A New World of Miracles and Magic,
Alexander Wilson

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