Hi Friend,

I’m about to share with you something very dear to my heart…

The key to getting all the benefits of a lifetime of meditation in less than 10 minutes a day! (To skip ahead go here)

For a long time, my friend Paul had a real problem meditating. It would take him HOURS just to calm down and clear his head…

Then, when he was finally relaxed, he felt lost.

“What am I supposed to do now?!” He would think…

And this was when he was in the Himalayas, studying meditation with the world’s leading experts!

So I know it’s not easy to meditate.

But that’s what makes what i’m about to show you so amazing: meditation can finally happen automatically, once it’s triggered by Theta waves.

And whether you use this magical soundwave program OR practice meditation for the next 5 years on your own, the end results are amazing.

Here are just 3 of the most incredible benefits of meditation that you probably didn’t know about!

1: It literally slows down aging… at the molecular level… by changing your DNA!

You see, your DNA has something called “telomeres.”

Every time your cells replicate, your telomeres get shorter and shorter…

Until there’s no DNA left.

That’s when the effects of old age start to creep in.

In fact, people die of old age because their DNA runs out of telomeres and can’t replicate anymore.

It’s like burning a candle… you need to burn it to keep the fire alive, but once the wick burns out… that’s it!

But meditation has a truly miraculous ability to SAVE your DNA and make your telomeres longer.

And the end results are incredibly powerful:

More youthful energy and vitality.
A longer lifespan.
A healthier body… down to the molecular level.

It’s literally the secret to a longer, happier life!

And we’re just getting started…


2: Reduce chronic pain by up to 90%.

Now that you see how powerful meditation is (powerful enough to change your DNA)…

It probably won’t surprise you that it also has the power to reduce chronic pain by 57 to 90%.

The exact amount of pain relief in clinical studies was dependent on the amount of EXPERIENCE the meditators had…

But luckily, the subconscious stimulation technology found in this magical program has been shown to trigger brainwave patterns similar to experienced monks and lifelong meditators.

So you DON’T have to wait 7-15 years before reaching the level of meditation necessary to experience significant pain relief!


3: Reduce your “startle response,” which can help you stay calm and focused even when you face challenges and improve your chances of achieving your dreams.

You’re walking along on the street, when suddenly, you hear a loud crash.

You snap your head, blink, and experience a moment of panic, even if it just lasts a few seconds.

That’s called the Startle Response.

It’s your body’s natural reaction to something sudden and scary.

Even police officers have this reaction. For a long time, scientists thought EVERYONE had it.

Until they studied seasoned meditators…

And found that the startle response had been suppressed!

So what does that do for you?

Well for one, you won’t be so frightened the next time you hear a loud noise!

But more importantly, your brain will slowly be able to resist the shock of fear and negativity, staying clear and focused, even when you get hit with a big challenge in life.

After all… the difference between achieving your wildest dreams, and feeling like a failure, can often come down to a single moment:

The moment when life throws a sudden challenge at you.

Meditation gives you the power to let those challenges roll off your back so you can get back to work.

Remember: everyone faces challenges, but YOU are a conqueror!

YOU determine your future.

And YOU have the power to achieve your dreams, no matter what happens.

Have a blessed day, and embrace the gifts around you!

David Craig


I know there’s a lot of information out there on meditation… and not all of it is helpful.

But my friend has done over 7 years of researching the easiest and fastest ways to reach a DEEP meditation and a higher level of consciousness.


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